Books by C.K. Donnelly


Book 1: Trine Rising

Young Mirana Pinal is one of the few to have ever possessed all three magical powers of the Aspects — but her blessing comes with a curse. She has a vision that her homeland of Kinderra will be destroyed. Through her. As her people fight to stop the Dark Trine and end the war that has plagued the land for 3,000 summers, Mirana must decide if using her Trine Aspects through the sacred union of an amulet will save her people  — or bring her home, her family, and her beloved more peril. To follow her destiny will destroy all that she loves. To save her people will demand abandoning her birthright. It is an impossible choice.


Book 2: Trine Fallacy

As the Dark Trine’s noose tightens around Kinderra, Mirana Pinal embarks on a quest to learn how the enigmatic watchtower of Jasal’s Keep once saved Kinderra. She must also find the answers to herself.  She fears her Light from Within will not be strong enough to save her people. Her Power from Without, however, will lead her down a path she must not follow. Teague Beltran, Mirana's beloved and an herbsman’s apprentice, wants nothing more than to kill the Dark Trine. There is just one problem — as one of the Unaspectesd Firstborn, he is forbidden to take up arms in battle. Those without the powers of the Aspects must not fight, but if they do not, Kinderra lies in peril. Teague’s confrontation of the Dark Trine’s forces may force him to sacrifice his healing oath to save lives, while Mirana must find the strength to answer her own calling. Both decisions may bring Kinderra closer to destruction.


Book 3: Trine Revelation

Betrayed by the man she once worshipped, Mirana Pinal must finish the quest for Jasal’s Keep with help of an enemy. As she races to save her people, Teague Beltran seeks to discover the Dark Trine’s plans for conquest. For Teague, however, the mission is much more personal. His mother has been captured by the Ken’nar. He will rescue her alive — or bring home what he can if she is not. If Mirana gives the Dark Trine the key to the Keep’s power, she can save Kinderra from destruction but would put her homeland into the hands of a tyrant. If she finds a way to unleash the Keep’s power herself, she can defeat the Dark Trine, but she must sacrifice her beloved Teague — and far more. At last, her destiny is upon her. Now is the moment of choice.


Book 4: Trine Protector